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About Us

During a community consultation in 2018, we asked over 50 participants to share their experiences when accessing health care services. Participants identified many aspects of health services that influenced their perceptions or feelings of belonging, comfort, ease to access, service quality and care provider competency.  These narratives informed the design of a safer, more comfortable space and more convenient service for cis and trans gay, bi, queer guys. Thanks to the feedback received from service users, we continue to refine and adapt our services to reduce the distress and nuances associated with HIV testing services.

We are serious about anonymity

Privacy is important so the clinic has its own separate reception area with the option to wait elsewhere using our text-based service to notify you when it’s your turn to get tested. Our team members will never ask you for personal questions for others to hear. We won’t even ask you for your name!

Not another medical clinic 

Clinical environments aren’t the most comfortable, so we’ve taken the liberty of installing soft lighting, colourful chalkboard walls, and queer wall art to brighten your day. Help yourself to coffee served in the front lobby when you arrive.

You belong here

In our waiting room, you’ll find information on ACT’s programs and services, safer sex supplies, as well as pride and trans flags so you know that this space was made for you. We are ready to answer any questions you have.

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