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Trans Guys and Non-Binary Folks

ACT will never deny HIV testing services to someone based on their gender identity or gender expression.

Finding a comfortable and inclusive healthcare service can be challenging and stressful. That is why we are working hard to provide a service that celebrates gender diversity and addresses trans-specific health care needs. 

Trans Testing Day
First Wednesday of every month

Informed by ACT’s trans and non-binary community consultation in 2018, Trans Testing Day aims to offer a trans-centred HIV testing space, peer support services and mental health counselling.

ACT is committed to provide trans guys, Two-Spirit, and non-binary folks HIV testing and mental health counselling services free of transphobia, misogyny, and sexism.

HIV Testing Services - Designed with you in mind

Creating safer space

All bodies, identities, and expressions are welcome. Come as you are!

Three washroom options located in the same hallway: all-gender, single-occupancy; male-identified, stalls and urinals; female-identified, stalls.

HIV testing staff and volunteers receive extensive training aimed to prevent and respond to transphobic language and behaviour.

The intake coordinator will assign to you a testing number instead of using your names or any pronouns to prevent potential misgendering or deadnaming.


Supporting you

Peer support with a trans or non-binary team member is available. Upon arrival and before your HIV test, ask the intake coordinator to meet with Mike or Ezra.

Need help findings a trans-affirming physician or nurse practitioner? We can help connect with a care provider with the knowledge and skills to provide gender-affirming care including Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and trans-related surgery.


Prioritizing privacy

You will be asked to complete an optional intake form that asks your gender identity and the gender identity of your sexual partners. If this does not feel safe, then skip that question or the entire form!

ACT’s testing services are anonymous. While the information you shared on the intake form is submitted to Toronto Public Health, your identity and contact information is not collected.


Offering flexibility and convenience

Testing and counselling services are offered on a drop-in basis. If waiting rooms are not your thing, ask the intake coordinator to send a text notification ten minutes before your testing time.We use an online text messaging service to notify service users who wish to wait in a space other than the waiting area. All personal information is erased after each testing day.

If you like to plan ahead, book an appointment! Please note: this option is only available on Trans Testing Day. To book an appointment, simply email or call to schedule an appointment:

Mike Smith (they, them, theirs)
(416) 340 – 8484 (ext. 455)

Ezra’s Experience


Ezra is a HIV testing and mental health service user. They now volunteer as a testing intake coordinator. Here’s what they have to say: 

What is different about testing at ACT?

“ACT has supportive, informative, and empathetic staff that are trained to better engage with trans and non-binary service users. They are open and inclusive. I always feel welcomed when I come. I never feel pressured to disclose or “prove” my gender identity to others.

ACT’s HIV testing is relaxed and community-oriented, unlike some services that feel more clinical and impersonal. Staff members take the time to listen to my concerns about testing and offer helpful resources that pertain to my specific needs.”

What would you recommend to someone if they are feeling nervous about getting an HIV test?

“Do your research! You can visit ACT’s website to learn more about HIV, PrEP and PEP, STIs, and other community programs and resources in Toronto. 

Come visit ACT (if you can)! The staff and volunteers are super friendly and professional.  Ask me questions about HIV/STI testing and ACT’s other programs and services. 

Stay connected! Give the program coordinator, Mike Smith, a call (416-340-8484 ext.455) or send them an email. Let them know about the concerns you have. They will help you feel less anxious about testing.”

Sexual Health Info for Trans Men

PRIM3D is a sexual health guide for queer trans men, transmasculine, and non-binary people developed by the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH) in Toronto. Topics include: myths about trans men, disclosure, consent, finding sex, STIs, healthier relationships, sex work, sex & drugs, accessing services, and pregnancy & birth control. 

Produced in Australia, Grunt is about hot, fun, informed sex between trans guys and cis guys. It’s a celebration of who we are and the guys we are into. A space to get accurate, inclusive and sex-positive sexual health information so we can keep it safekeep it hot, and have awesome sex.

Trans-inclusive primary health care

STI testing/treatment

Online community

Family planning

Mental health crisis 

Substance use and harm reduction

Safer testosterone injecting

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